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Termites- Termites cause roughly 5 billion in damage in the United States and termite damage is not covered in most insurance policy. Termites can fit in a 1.5-millimeter gap. The Queen can live for 25 years and lay 9,000,000 eggs. Salisbury Pest Solutions only uses the top industry chemicals to get rid of termites. The chemicals typically last up to 5 years of protection. Most termites live in the ground and so we build a barrier for your home to make sure they can’t infect your home any longer. The chemical has a transfer effect, effectively killing the queen and irradicating the colony. We also like to put this same chemical in walls to make sure any straggler termites, lingering in their galleries, also get infected.  


Roaches-The average roach infested household holds over 20,000 roaches. Roaches rarely come out of their hiding spots so if you can see them that means there is no room for them elsewhere. For every roach seen there are 200 more. They spread disease and multiply extremely quick. Roaches must be irradicated quickly and are very stubborn and may require multiple visits. We use multiple techniques to get rid of roaches including, exclusion, different gels, sprays (repellant and non-repellant) and IGR’s (insect growth regulators). Together we can get a handle on your roach infestation.


Flies-House flies are known to transfer almost 100 different pathogens. The females can lay roughly 100 eggs at a time. These pests love to live in filth and can become a nightmare quickly. Regular pest control service may not be enough to get rid of these nuisances. We use the top chemical and non-chemical products to reduce fly populations and we even work with restaurants and other business to help bring back normalcy to everyday life.


Pigeons-Pigeons carry more disease than mice. Think of them as a rat with wings. They spread disease like histoplasmosis and avian flu. They defecate and destroy homes and can contaminate food and water sources. Letting pigeons linger on your roof can lead to a bird mite infestation in your home. These parasitic bugs will bite and infect you.  Pigeons have a great memory and so they must be excluded from the home as opposed to trapped and removed. They will find there way back. We use various chemical and non-chemical techniques to get rid these birds.   


Ant’s- Ant’s come in all different shapes and sizes. You may have giant Fire Ants or teeny tiny sugar ants. Dealing with these pests can be difficult. Regular insecticides will make your problem worse. You must infect the ants to kill the queen and get rid of the colony. Let us help you.


Snakes- There are 7 different types of venomous snakes in Utah. Call us we’ll quickly and safely remove them. We can also put-up preventative measures to make sure these pests don’t find there way into your life again.


Scorpions- Scorpions have complex neurotoxin in their venom which affects the nervous system. They can kill and may be more prevalent than one may believe. They are nocturnal creatures and hide during the day to come out at night. They are attracted to water and lush greenery. Scorpions commonly invade your home when their nests are disturbed due to new construction sites or are burrowed in an empty lot nearby. These pests require a specific chemical designed to kill them and stop them from invading your property.


Spiders- Spiders are the most feared pest, and a majority are venomous. Their bodies are off high off the ground, and they don’t groom themselves making it difficult to eliminate these pests with run of the mill pesticide. Even when spiders are killed their eggs sacs may still be intact and ready for the next generation of spiders to enter your home.  Spider webs are a good indicator of spider infestation and should be handled immediately.


Bee’s-It is said that Bees are the most important being on earth. 70% of the world’s agriculture relies specifically on bees. 1/3 of the world’s food population relies directly on their pollination of plants. We here at Salisbury Pest Solutions pride ourselves on using only the best standards in bee care by vacuuming the colony and safely removing the hive along with the Queen to one of our many bee farms. No need to worry about getting stung or killing one of Mother natures most prized possessions.


Gophers-Gophers are most active in spring and fall time. They are vegetarian and will immediately destroy plants and eat crops on your property causing thousands of dollars of damage. These pests eat up to 60% percent of their body weight a day. They will cause severe stress if not dealt with quickly.


Earwigs-Earwigs enter your home looking for warmth and little bit of moisture. There are no signs of infestation, and they travel solo into homes. These creatures enjoy paper, potted plants, and leaky water pipes which could be a good indicator of where these pests are coming from. They will crawl right through doorways or through a window screen with their small, narrow, bodies. These pests can be controlled through various techniques and together we can make them go away.


Wasps/Hornets-Wasps can deliver multiple stings causing you to have an allergic reaction and be hospitalized. Studies show that when one wasp is killed a pheromone is released alerting the other wasps to protect the colony. Wasps also remember faces and so if they don’t like you, they may attack. Call us and we get rid of them for you, and we will make sure to eliminate them, their nest, and pheromones preventing other wasps in the future from returning.


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We treat for Termites, Spiders, Roaches, Ants, Scorpions, Rodents, Silverfish, Bees, Flies, Pigeons, Snakes, Gophers, Earwigs, Wasp and MORE!

Services starting at $35 a month for pest control in St. George, UT



Hi there! I'm Tommy Salisbury, owner of Salisbury Pest Solutions, proudly serving the St. George, Utah community since 1989. Having witnessed the remarkable growth of this town, I've cherished every moment of being part of such a beautiful and welcoming community. My utmost priority is making a positive impact on my customers and fostering enduring relationships.

With extensive training alongside premier pest control technicians, I've garnered years of experience in delivering unparalleled service. At Salisbury Pest Solutions, we're committed to providing the highest quality service imaginable. Give us a chance, and we promise not to disappoint.

St. George, Utah Pest Control is our specialty. Let us tackle those pesky invaders like spiders, scorpions, mice, earwigs, and other bothersome bugs and rodents encroaching on your home or property. Trust Salisbury Pest Solutions for a pest-free environment and peace of mind.


I just moved into my home with my dogs and two kids and found myself surrounded with all sorts of bug inside and outside the home. I called Tommy and was so pleased with his professionalism and knowledge.  He had the perfect solution for my home that was safe.  I saw results right away. 

- Irene Katzias, UT

Tommy is awesome! Can't beat his prices.

From day 1 he's been professional and always on time. Always great with confirming appts.

Previous pest control would come every 4 weeks with a spider or 2 making an appearance in between... I have Salisbury come every 6 weeks and I've never seen any bugs in between sprayings.

- Eric Pelot, UT




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